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WELCOME! Lorraine Torrence Designs offers patterns, fabric, books, ideas and more to help, teach, and inspire you in your quilting making and creative Garment making. Join me here for learning, fabric lust, and love of everything fiber!

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February 25, 2020

 A goal that has been  rattling around in my head for quite a few years has at last become a reality!  I have finally filmed three video tutorials, the first of which, Design Essentials: A Short Primer,  is up and available to watch in the Lorraine's Lessons section of my website.  The other two are in the editing process now and should start showing up in a few weeks. To watch Design Essentials: A Short Primer, simply click on the ENTER word at the right-hand header above and then hover over "Lorraine's Lessons" in the horizontal menu at the top.  Then click on Video Tutorials and you'll be on the right page.  OR... just click here!



Be sure to check out the newly formatted and updated calendar/schedule with upcoming classes and events listed, including descriptions, locations and links to pages where you can register!

Third Reprinting of Design Essentials!

The third reprint of Design Essentials is freshly back from the printer in Hong Kong and ready to be your trusty companion when it comes to  design principles and elements.  There are also 5 chapters of design approaches to inspire you and keep you learning something new. 

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Design Essentials

Patterns of the Month

Until Thanksgiving,  we are featuring another three patterns for you to try out at a 25% discount! Lorraine Torrence Designs pattern, Urban Treasures, a jacket pattern with three views, each with different divisions of space and different closures; Grainline Gear's Noren Ensemble designed by Ruth Vincent, an Asian Style pattern  with a jacket in two lengths, a blouse and pants - all included. The Three Bears, from Lorraine Torrence Designs Quilt Pattern Series, designed by Cindy Hayes, is a Slick version of the traditional Bear Claw block with three sizes included The new patterns of the month will continue to enjoy the Pattern of the Month spotlight until Thanksgiving!   Just click on the pattern name above or the picture below to buy it!

Urban Treasures
Noren Ensemble
The Three Bears


My Sewing With Nancy videos, Fashion Sewing: Plain to Fabulous from the two Shows, which aired in January of 2017, are still available in the Wisconsin Public Television website. You will also find a DVD of the two Fashion Sewing: Plain to Fabulous shows on this website for the Spring reduced price of $10!