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Teaching Requirements

Hello Shop owners, Guilds and Conference Producers,

I would be delighted to teach and lecture for your group! 

I have a M.F.A and have been teaching quilting since 1972.  I have been teaching on the U.S. National circuit since 1988 and have taught many times in Canada, as well as in France and New Zealand.

My current and usual teaching fee is $700 per day  and lectures are $400.  In addition, I require meals, lodging and transportation.  I do not object to staying in a private home provided I can have a private bedroom and bath. I prefer a 2-day teaching and one lecture engagement unless a shorter stay can be combined with an engagement with another group on the same trip, or if the engagement is within a half-day or so driving radius of Madison, WI.

I am willing to consider creating or modifying classes to meet your group’s needs, if you do not see classes that fit the bill perfectly in my list of classes and lectures.

Lorraine Torrence